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"Unlocking Treasures: The Paddock Projects Collective Garage Sale"

The fragrance of coffee dancing in the air, kids' laughter chirping through the garden rows, whilst racks of unique garments sway in the breeze. Have you been to A Paddock Project Collective Garage Sale?

What's it all about?

We started this regular community garage sale to bring people together. Now it has grown into a day for the whole family. Including kids' programs, workshops, live music, fresh produce and more. The unique thing about the Garage Sale is it grows, and it's a platform for everyone to get involved in.

If you're looking to join the Collective Garage Sale team,

please contact Koushalya


The Garage sales occur every two months and dates will be posted s month before hand on the website event calendar and all other social media platforms.

The next Collective Garage Sale is Saturday the 22nd of June 2024

8am - 2pm

Buying second-hand clothing over supporting the fast fashion industry is a more sustainable and ethical choice. In our current climate crisis this should be prioritized and normalized more and more.

The Collective Garage sale promotes a circular economy, which helps in conserving resources and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

So, by choosing to buy second-hand, you won't just do your good deed for the Earth you will also ensure no one will walk past you on the street in the same dress.

We hope to see you there!

Love from the Paddock Project Team

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