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Our Vision

At The Paddock Project, our vision is to create a community where every individual feels empowered, included, and valued. We are dedicated to providing exceptional support services that promote independence, enhance well-being, and foster meaningful connections through our workplace programs. Rooted in collaboration, respect, and innovation, we aim to provide meaningful employment skills and opportunities for people living with disabilities in the Northern Rivers to grow sustainable produce using syntropic farming principles.

Our Values


We prioritise development and growth to maintain the highest level of customer service and support to keep pace with best social, economic and environmental practices.

Operating Ethically

We uphold the highest ethical standards, operating transparently to abide by the NDIS code of conduct and always in the best interests of our customers, volunteers, staff and participants.


We are unwavering in our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment where we actively listen to and address concerns.

Open Communication

We foster an environment where individuality is celebrated, and everyone’s voices are heard. Nurturing open, effective communication, we genuinely value each other’s perspectives and journeys in life as a team.


We embrace and respect the diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and needs of our customers, volunteers, participants and staff.


We cultivate high-quality fruits, vegetables and flowers for our local community using the most ecologically sustainable methods available. Our pledge is to ensure a thriving and resilient ecosystem for generations to come.


Our Goals

1. Empowering Inclusive Employment - To provide local employment for people with disability and marginalised employment opportunities.

2. Sustainable Cultivation - To grow and supply top quality fruit, vegetables, and flowers to the local community in the most ecologically sustainable way possible.

3. Fostering Community Connections - To create an inclusive and supportive hub.

Through our vision, values and goals the Paddock Project aims to provide a place where all people, regardless of ability can contribute meaningfully to the community.


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