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The Paddock Project is happy to welcome volunteers in the garden to assist with harvesting, weeding and garden maintenance. 


Volunteering is a great way to learn skills, meet new people and make friends. You will also get fit, get out in nature and contribute to an incredible project that is creating great food to feed our community.


Our main volunteer days are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. However, please contact us if you feel that you have time and skills that you would like to share at other times. 


Vegetable Garden


The Paddock Project proudly supports social engagement and supported employment for people with NDIS packages. NDIS funding can be used to provide tailored support packages to assist with volunteer programs, transition to work, employment and social participation activities for people who need extra help to achieve their goals.


The Paddock Project can use NDIS Core Funding to support people to develop work ready skills and also engage in programs to assist participants to develop their own micro-business that aligns with agricultural, arts and crafts, and food processing and production activities.

The Paddock Project proudly supports artist Liam Bruce by making his gift cards and artworks available at the Paddock Store. 


Core Supports are offered to assist participants to engage in social interactions at the café, store and garden. Volunteer activities can be developed to suit the needs and interests of individuals, assisting people to become involved, have fun, learn skills and meet new people.

School Leaver Employment Support programs are offered to young people who have recently left school and need additional support to learn skills to transition to work. 


If you have an NDIS package and would like to use funding to engage in activities at the Paddock, please contact us to discus your options. 

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