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Nature Based Art Classes


With The Yellow Door Project


Nature class has been created for parents and children to explore their connection to nature. The immense benefits of 'nature play' for children (and us adults too) should not be ignored. There is a beautiful interdependence between people, plants and animals. This relationship is imperative to our existence here on Earth and vital for our children's wellbeing - along with our own. Igniting and deepening this relationship with nature will allow our children to feel safer within their own connection to nature and themselves. 

There is such richness all around us: a playground for us to explore. Granting ourselves and our children permission to take risks and playfully learn through nature builds a nourishing and respectful relationship to Mama Earth. 

And for you parents, come along and watch your children flourish; feel supported in your parenting and connect with other parents. 


Explore, Gather, Create!

With The Yellow Door Project

Little Earthlings! We'd love you and your kids to join us as we explore the farm, gather for our artworks, learn about our surrondings, and CREATE...Using nature & recycled materials to create take-home artworks. 


Learning intention - Children Developing their relationship to themselves, each other and our planet. Children learn how to respect, nourish and connect with the land and all of nature.

Reccomended for 3+ years*


Meet Casey

Hi, I'm Casey! 

I work in Child Care, which I absolutely adore. I have an extensive background in the health and wellbeing industry.

"The Yellow Door, into The Magical Healing Forest," is a children's book that I created. It is based on a personal journey of healing from the spiritual, emotional, mental & physical impacts of surviving childhood Leukemia,

My love of nature, art, movement & mindfulness is woven into my life and this class.

I love creating spaces for children to explore themselves and their connection to their bodies, hearts, minds and nature.

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