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Market Garden

What We Grow

We are proud to grow fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers at our beautiful five-acre plot at the entrance to Mullumbimby.


Produce is picked daily by our team and sold at our farm gate produce store. Everything we grow is free of chemicals using Syntropic Farming principals. No nasties included.  

Our Syntropic Guru

Rodrigo is the heart and soul behind our Syntropic farming techniques at The Paddock. Whether he's propegating or planting seeds, Rodrigo is always eager to share his passion and expertise. So, if you're ever curious about the intricacies of Syntropic farming or just want to appreciate the art of nature in motion, Rodrigo is your go-to guide. 

Meet the Gardeners.

Our seasonal produce is harvested daily by our hardworking participants and volunteers on our five acre plot. We proudly provide employment for over fifteen participants with NDIS packages and encourage anyone wanting to get their hands dirty to sign up to one of our volunteer programs! 

Every hand that touches our soil adds to our community bounty.

About Syntropic Farming

Syntropic farming incorporates minimal machinery usage, companion planting and organic fertility management. A key characteristic of a Syntropic farm is that a wide variety of plants with all different lifespans and light requirements are planted at very high density, just as you would see within a rainforest.


If planted correctly, a Syntropic system can produce a continual harvest of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers or forestry timber. Pretty cool hey?

Our Veggie Boxes

Experience the freshest produce nature has to offer with our veggie boxes, brimming with seasonal delights straight from the paddock. Choose between our $30 and $40 boxes, each curated with a selection of vibrant greens and vegetables. For the ultimate in freshness, simply DM us your preferred pick-up time, and we'll harvest your greens right from our garden, just moments before you arrive. 

Where you can find our produce 

All our produce can be found at the Paddock store as well as

some lovely local shops, cafes and restaurants including:




Good Vibes Food

Lu Lu's Cafe

Heaps Good Food Store



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