Vegetable Farm


Sold at our Produce Store is situated in front of the Café at

64 Argyle St, Mullumbimby. 



7am to 3pm from Monday to Friday

and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.

Our little stall is looking very Abundan
The first morning sun shining on all the

What we grow: 

The Paddock Project grows seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers in our five-acre plot. These are picked daily and sold at our farm gate produce store. Our produce is also sold to shops, cafés and restaurants in and around Mullumbimby. 



What are Syntropic Principals: 

Our garden produce is grown free of chemicals using Syntropic farming principals. Syntropic farming incorporates traditional farming methods, minimal machinery usage, companion planting and organic fertility management. A key characteristic of a syntropic farm is that a wide variety of plants with all different lifespans and light requirements are planted at very high density, just as you would see within a rainforest. If planned correctly, a syntropic system can produce an almost continual harvest of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers or forestry timber