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"Uncover the Delicious Potential of Taro Root in Your Cooking!"

Updated: Jun 10

At The Paddock Project we love to cultivate Taro root, as its low maintenance and loves wet feet! It is an economical source of dietary energy, starch, fiber, potassium and vitamin C.

How to Easy Prepare Taro

The root vegetable is one of the world's oldest cultivated food plants - if eaten raw it is poisonous! At first glance taro looks quite dirty and hard to prepare, but you will be shocked!


  1. Firstly, get you pot of water to a boil then place taro with skin, dirt and all into the boiling water

  2. Leave for approximately 1 hour until tender.

  3. Check Taro is cooked by poking a fork through on of the pieces if it goes straight through with easy like when a potato is cooked. They are ready!

  4. Then tip the water out and run the taro under cold water so the taros are too hot to touch.

  5. Squeeze one end of the taro into a clean bowl then you will find the inside will pop right out with no effort at all.

  6. Now your Taro is cooked

  7. From here you could put them into a curry, stir fry, or just add a bit of oil, salt & pepper.


Taro root with coconut milk

INGREDIENTS: 1. Taro root

2. Salt

3. Unsweetened coconut milk


  1. Place taro in a pot with water to boil for approximately 1hour until tender.

  2. remove and cool

  3. Squeeze out the inside flesh then chop taro into cubes or if taro is small leave whole.

  4. Place the coconut milk and the taro cubes into a saucepan and heat thoroughly.

  5. There should be enough coconut milk to cover the taro

  6. Taste your dish and add salt accordingly

Crispy Taro Fries


Taro Root

Olive oil

Oregano & Thyme

Cayenne pepper




  1. Preheat oven 200C

  2. Peel skin off the raw taro, rinse and pat dry

  3. The cut into fries and toss into oil and herbs

  4. Make sure you arrange them on the pan as a single layer

  5. Bake for 30mins until golden and then flip them making sure they are cooked all the way through.

  6. sprinkle with salt and they are ready to eat

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