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The Love Sign of Mullumbimby: A Symbol Reborn

In the heart of the Byron Shire lies Mullumbimby, a town that personifies community and connection. Anyone who has visited this gem will testify to the genuine warmth that greets you – be it the smiles exchanged on the streets or the animated conversations echoing from the shops.

One of the town's most celebrated landmarks, the giant LOVE sign at The Paddock, has been a beacon of warmth, uniting both locals and visitors for years. Dubbed as one of the most photographed influencers of the area, this sign embodies the town's spirit and has grown to be more than just a symbol; it's an emotion.

In 2022, however, the LOVE sign bore the brunt of nature's fury. The extreme weather events and the devastating floods left their mark, causing significant wear and tear to this cherished emblem. But in true Mullumbimby fashion, instead of conceding defeat to nature's wrath, the community rallied.

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the immense love, effort, and support from all quarters, we have successfully raised the $10,000 needed to revive the LOVE sign. Our goal was not just to repair it but to recreate it in a more durable material that would withstand future challenges.

This rejuvenation wouldn't have been possible without the overwhelming support from numerous sponsors, including the Byron Shire Echo. Echo's General Manager, Simon Haslam, beautifully encapsulated the sentiment shared by many, stating...

"In Mullumbimby, we are fortunate to have the LOVE sign, with the magnificent Mt. Chincogan in the backdrop, often amidst a sea of sunflowers... its significance intensified as the sign braved the 2022 floods, and is now on its path to renewal." - Simon Haslam

In the face of adversity, Mullumbimby has shown that when a community comes together with love at its core, miracles are possible. We invite you to be a part of this beautiful journey and look forward to seeing you there.

Thankyou again to all those who helped bring back the LOVE!

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